Welcome to the Crane County Office

Crane County was created in 1887. After the discovery of oil the county was organized in 1927 with Crane the county seat and the only town in the county.

Today Crane County is amongst the leading counties in oil production in the state and has produced over 1.5 billion barrels of oil since the first well was drilled. Cattle ranching, school and local government are the other major income producers of Crane County. Over 503,000 acres are used for rangeland and pasture, beef cattle and hunting.

Crane County covers 786 square miles and is located in the heart of West Texas. The county is bordered by Ector, Upton, Ward and Pecos counties. The city of Crane is located 32 miles south of Odessa.

Crane has an average growing season of 225 days and an annual precipitation is 12.0 inches. The mean maximum temperature in July is 96 degrees F. and in January is 29 degrees F.

The Crane County Extension office of Texas Cooperative Extension provides effective traditional programs and activities. They include range & livestock production, 4-H Club and youth activities. Meeting the educational needs of the people is what Extension is all about.

Mission: To provide quality, relevant outreach and continuing education programs and services to the people of Crane County. Extension brings the resources of the Texas A&M University System to Crane County. Through field based faculty, Extension provides unbiased, research-based information, educational programs, and technical assistance in the following core service areas:

* Agriculture

* Community & Economic Development

* Environmental stewardship

* Individual & Family Capacity

* Nutrition, Diet, & Health

* Youth Development